Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Panda Bear on Vacation, eReaders

The Panda Bear will not be able to do her usual posts because she is on vacation this week. Tomorrow, she will go away for a few days to a local hotel that is near the beach. The Panda Bear thinks that part of the pleasure of going away is getting away from home chores and household tasks. She thinks her female readers probably feel this way more than her male readers.

The Panda Bear finds it work getting ready for the vacation. In the United States, it is a long weekend. What the Panda Bear and her husband did is go shopping-the Panda Bear would rather go to a barbecue. The Panda Bear does not like spending her limited spare to shopping. She and Mr. Panda got a DVD player(yes, the Panda Bear knows that she is slow-she has not seen many recent movies because they don't have a DVD player). Mr. Panda was surprised to know how cheap televisions have become.
The Panda Bear also did some impulse buying. She brought a KOBO eReader. As the price of eReaders has gone down, the Panda Bear has gotten more interested in purchasing one. As she and Mr. Panda were in Best Buy, she saw an eReader that said "Buy me". What she liked about the KOBO e-Reader is that you can take books out of the library with it but you CAN NOT use it for email and web browsing. The Panda Bear likes the off-line, unconnected feel of reading. Also she likes the eReaders where the page tries to look like a book page. The computer screen bothers the Panda Bear's eyes after a while.
The Panda Bear has downloaded her first e-book and find eReaders easy on the eye. It is a bit of a challenge to read and not be holding a book. However, the Panda Bear thinks she will get used to it in time. On the whole the Panda Bear is happy with her eReader. It will make her packing much easier since the Panda Bear likes taking a lot of books on her vacation and in her e-Reader that fits into her purse she can hold 8000 books. Actually, the Panda Bear has gotten used to looking at magazines and newspapers online and now finds print periodicals a little unusual.
However, the Panda Bear is very busy running errands and preparing for her few day vacation. She has never been so busy for a while. She hopes to resume her normal twice weekly postings next week.

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