Monday, July 18, 2011

The Panda Bear on the lazy days of summer, DVDs, eReaders

The Panda Bear this year is feels like she wants to enjoy the "lazy days of summer".   There was time when the Panda Bear was young and more idealistic.  She felt that with air conditioning summer could be more like the rest of the year.   There were times in the Panda Bear's youth where she felt the summers could be too slow.  Now in mid-life Panda Bear welcomes the summer.   She now feels that this has been a downside to air conditioning that the "need" for a summer vacation has been reduced(in a few office buildings in Boston that aren't air conditioned many of them will offer a reduced summer schedule probably because of the heat).  The Panda Bear is old enough to remember that things slowed down when there were fewer air conditioners because heat.   Now the Panda Bear just wants to spend all day sitting outside enjoying the sun.  In New England, there are so very days that it is nice to be outside and the Panda Bear just wants to enjoy them all.

Mr. Panda was very good this weekend and helped clean-up alot of dishes(the Panda Bear promised to reward him by giving him a good write-up in her blog).  The Panda Bear has not seen many newly released movies for a while because the theaters in Boston are very few and they are expensive.  In addition, she does not have a DVD player.   At first the Panda Bear was mad at the movie industry for forcing people to upgrade from VHS tapes to DVDs.  Now she has relented.   She and Mr. Panda after deciding to buy a DVD over a year ago(they are slow)  finally bought one.   They returned it because it did not connect with their television set(they set if from about 1990).   After, they returned it, some one in the store said they needed a kind of adaptor to make the connection in the set.   Mr. Panda did not want buy the DVD player with the adapter the same day after they returned the DVD player because it might be an issue with store credits.   However, hopefully, they will get a DVD player by September 1st.  In contrast to the stereotype, it is the Panda Bear not her husband who is responsible for installing new technology in their household. 

The Panda Bear does not want to bore her readers with further discussions about eReaders.   However, in Boston they were in the news this weekend because a major book chain is going out of business here in part because of  eReaders.   This article appeared in the Boston Globe this Sunday on the effect eBooks on reading.   However, the Panda Bear wants to stress to her readers that some eReaders more closely feel like a paper book than others.  The Panda Bear would not want to read books on a tablet(i.e IPad) -she likes the "unplugged" feeling of reading and she likes the epaper screen(it tries to be like paper) over an LCD screen.   To Panda Bear the advantages of eReading are that is is easier to carry a lot of books, the font size can be adjusted on some so people don't need reading glasses) and it is convenient just to be able to download books from the library rather than physically have to go there.

The Panda Bear notices that very many people who work or are otherwise very busy they like things because they save time rather than they are always the "best" way of doing things.  

The Panda Bear will be cutting this posting short.   She has being enjoying reading outside during the lazy days of summer.

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