Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Panda Bear on Election Stress, the Middle Ages and Health Insurance

This year the election has been stressful.    As this blog is intended as a relief from the stresses of life The Panda Bear will attempt to be nonpartisan.    However, the Panda Bear is saddened by the deteriorating nature of the American political system.    In fact the Panda Bear thinks the American political system is increasingly sounding like pre-Enlightenment European politics.    In these ways the Panda Bear thinks American politics looks more and more like pre-modern politics.

1) The election is more about the candidates rather than political issues.

2) This election resembles a war.    In the Middle Ages governing was about brute force, power and alliances.    In this election one feels the winning party is the one that can impose his/her will on the rest of us by a display of massive strength.    Rule of law does not seem to matter.    The candidates try to win alliances with certain groups.

3) It is election it one is seen as a traitor if one supports the opposing candidate.   The idea seems to be gone that one can be patriotic and loyal to this country but have differing world views.  The demonization n of the opposition is used to justify this warlike nature of the elections.

4)  Religion has become a key issue for both of the two dominate parties.   The Panda Bear grew up in the seventies where she was taught that in the United States after John Kennedy people did not vote for candidates based on their religion.    She also was taught Christians were trying to resolve their differences and become more united.   In this election, the Panda Bear has heard both Trump and Clinton state proudly that they were mainstream Protestants.   The Panda Bear thinks this is a step backwards for both political parties in terms of religious toleration and commitment to secular government.  The Panda Bear thinks the religious tome of this election resembles something of out 1600 not 2000.   

Meanwhile in her personal life, the Panda Bear will be starting a new job next week.   It is twenty hours per week.   The Panda Bear does not need the money from full-time employment.   To her the greatest luxury is an afternoon off.   More importantly, the Panda Bear does not need health insurance from work.   For the past twenty years the Panda Bear has gotten health insurance through Mr. Panda.    

Some people think it was an accident in US history that health insurance is employment based.   The Panda Bear knows of many people who work mainly for the health insurance.    As the Panda Bear hears of more people embracing the idea of Medicare for all, the Panda Bear realizes that this idea would be a revolution not just in the world of health care but in the world of employment.    It would be a drastic change in the nature of employment if people did not have to get their health insurance through work.    Probably this change would benefit small business.    However, the Panda Bear thinks this effect of Medicare for All on the workplace needs to be examined.

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