Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Panda Bear on Snow, Political Corruption and Hillary Clinton

Readers of the Panda Bear know that the Panda Bear lives in the Boston area which has been hit by enormous amounts of snow.   Life for the Panda Bear for the past six weeks has just been a struggle to get to work and back.   The snow banks are very high and the walking is difficult.   Cars are having time driving through the snow.    While the Panda Bear does not drive, she finds the walking difficult and frightening.   For the first time in her full-time working life of nearly thirty years all what she does is go to work and back home(rather than doing additional activities after work).

Normally, this time of year the Panda Bear would be feeling something like cabin fever.   However, this bad winter has made the Panda Bear not hurt but numb.   All of her energy has been going into getting to work and back.   She feels the large banks of snow will never go away.   The Panda Bear feels that people have been snowbound here for so long that it is effecting people’s physical and emotional health. The return to "normal" life will be like a person returning to "normal" life after an illness; it will be an adjustment.

However, the snow has also made the Panda Bear and others more critical of the corruption of government.    People feel the government could be doing a better job of removing the snow.   The mayor of Boston has proposed putting large fines for people who don't clean their sidewalks within a few hours of the snow stopping.  While the Panda Bear does see some sidewalks where the people have not cleared their sidewalks and probably should be fined, she still thinks the Mayor of Boston proposed fines smack of those in power making one set of rules for themselves and another set for those below them.  She thinks the city of Boston has not made snow removal a top priority and that the Mayor of Boston diverted some resources from snow cleaning to the Patriots victory parade this winter.

Of course, the major politician who has been in the news for breaking the rules is Hillary Clinton for using personal e-mail for high level government work.   The Panda Bear thinks she should not run for president; she has too much baggage.  The Panda Bear also thinks the Clinton e-mail scandal reflects negatively on President Obama who must have known about this arrangement.   Did he not promise to have an open and transparent administration?

In many ways the Panda Bear considers herself to be a "Liberal" but she thinks many "Liberal" leaders are corrupt and elitist.    Political corruption and elitism need to be confronted regardless of political party.

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