Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Panda Bear Bear on Wage Inequality and Yes People

Today the Panda Bear’s work group had a meeting with the president of the Panda Bear’s organization.   The President of the Panda Bear's organization was talking to the employees about the rising wage inequality in the United States between the lower and middle classes and the very rich.   At the same time, he discussed a potential big project that the Panda Bear's section and the Panda Bear herself would receive. .   He kept on apologizing to the employees for the additional work.     However what bothers the Panda Bear is not the additional work but the fact that it appears that the organization will not give the workers any professional benefit for this increased workload(In fairness to the President of the organization said he would pay for an employee party and he seems to be a nice person).   The Panda Bear strongly suspects the upper management is getting better job titles and more money as the organization expands while the employees are not getting anything additional for expanding workloads.

The Panda Bear felt like saying to the President of the organization something like this:

With all due respect sir, I don't mind doing the additional work.   I am here to work.   What I do mind is that I am not getting any professional benefit from this project and an increased workload.   Of course more money or a changed title would be nice.   However, it really does not have to be money.   Just some kind of performance award or recognition would be nice.   Even just saying you value us as skilled employees would be nice.   I am not a dog or a child.  My weight is a problem.  I don't want food.  You talk about growing wage inequality in the US.  Good deeds start at home.   Give your employees some recognition and respect for the work they do to bring the organization money.  Let us have plants in the office [plants were banned in the summer much to the distress of the employees].
It is not the work I mind but the lack of acknowledgement and respect.

Of course the Panda Bear said no such thing.   The Panda Bear is a humble office worker who needs to keep her job.  However the Panda Bear remembers the time that even humble workers were recognized by organizational leaders.   She knows of many other employees who feel there is an increasing divide between upper and lower level workers in their organizations.   Also many workers are starting to believe that it is a myth that if you work harder that you will be paid more.

Also the Panda Bear is increasingly feeling that leaders like yes people; people who will agree with anything they say even if it is factually wrong.   At work the Panda Bear remembers an old sign.  It said:

Work Rules:
1.  The boss is always rights.
2.   The boss is wrong-see rule number 1.

The Panda Bear every day goes on bended knees saying she is so glad she is not a manager.   She does not understand why bosses like yes people so much; she thinks bosses would really be better off if people were free to tell them the truth so that certain mistakes can be avoided.

The Panda Bear does not have the soul of a yes person.   There are a lot of things in modern organizational life that the Panda Bear feels are mean and counterproductive.  

The Panda Bear might try to work at becoming a yes person if when felt it would help her get a promotion.   However, since she feels that she has been labeled as being unpromotable she feels there is no incentive for her to become a yes person.   Instead the Panda Bear aims at simply treating people respectfully and keeping her mouth closed in terms of her opinions at work.

The Panda Bear is actively hunting for a new job.   There will be more about her job hunt in future posts as she deals with the plight of the unemployed and how she feels the government is not doing enough to help the unemployed.


  1. I am thinking the head of the Panda Bear's organization is doing very well for him or her self and that that person's pay and benefits have gone up considerably while the predicament of the average worker has been flat, at best.

  2. In fairness to the organization the Panda Bear got a "market rate" adjustment once that was not bad and I am not being poorly paid for the work I do.

    What I am complaining about is that you do more or and asked to take on my responsibility and there is no career reward for it. I have been working at my job for 8.5 years and got one performance award which I got nominated for from another department. This award makes me feel good and is useful on my resume.

    However, most of the time when I do thinks that are on the lower level important to the organization's growth and even enhance revenue I don't even get a thank you for the extra work.