Friday, September 20, 2013

The Panda Bear on Mr, Panda's Leg, Afghanistan and Her New Computer

The Panda Bear's return to blogging has been fraught with obstactles, First computers were broken(but are in the process of being repaired now).  Then Mr, Panda came down with a cold and his leg had a mild infection.   He spent the week at home,  Fotunately, Mr, Panda is feeling much better.

What does this have to do with The Panda Bear Blog?    The Panda Bear writes her blog when she finishes her humble full time office position and Mr. Panda still at work,   Since Mr   Panda is at home is need for attention is depriving the Panda Bear of her moments contempletion and solitude needed to complete the blog,

The Panda Bear does not think time management experts leave enough slack for all the unexpected things that can go wrong,   Recently, the Panda Bear took a stress management test and found out she was overcommitted,   However, the problem is the Panda Bear finds that the part of her life that miht be seen as "overcommitted" is the part off her life that gives the Panda Bear her most satisfaction,
The Panda Bear finds her job routine and does not like home chores,   Shopping gives her no joy.

She will set up her computer which should give her more time to blog,   How much of our lives is just wasted on doing the same things over an over again!!   It seems like it was just yesterday the Panda Bear bought and set-up her last computer,   Then she has to figure out Windows 8,

Another time management problem the Panda Bear has with blogging is that how can she write about all the injustices in the United States in about two to four hours a week?   The Panda Bear has come to believe that power corrupts and there needs to be some activism such as was seen in the US during the 1960s,

Therefore, she has decided to push the political focus of her blog to ending the US involvement in foreign wars.   She does not think the US should be aiding Syrian rebels,  Recently, she came accross a petition asking Congress to immediately end the war Afghanistan.   The Panda Bear thinks the US should leave Afghanistan.   The US is falling apart and we are in no position to tell others what to do.

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  1. Maybe Mr. Panda Bear could find something to occupy himself so that Panda Bear can spend more time on her well-written and thought provoking blog entries.