Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Panda Bear on the Legacy of Father Panda and Lack of Respect in the Office

As the readers of the Panda Bear Blog know, Father Panda passed away June 4, 2012.

Father Panda was a quiet and humble person.  He was a scientist.   While at times he was affiliated with universities, he did not like to teach. He did not like administrative work. His passion was working on mathematical formulas by himself.  

When the Panda Bear was a child no one understood what Father Panda did for a living.   He would just sit and write formulas on graph paper and tell the Panda Bear he was thinking (presumably thinking very deep thoughts).  To the Panda Bear has a child this seemed so boring and minor.  It hurt the Panda Bear that no one knew what her father did in an area where many of the children had for fathers who were business leaders, physicians, college professors, lawyers and architects.

Her father was not self-promoting.  He always felt deeply disappointed in himself in that people did not recognize his work.

Imagine the pride of the Panda Bear when she found out from some of her father's professional colleagues after he died that they thought the science he did was really very good; in fact he was way ahead of his time.   He changed the way a certain mathematical operator was used and redefined the properties of an atom.   The Panda Bear always knew her father was smart.  However, she felt like a contestant on the TV show Antiques Road Show where she found out what she thought had value was truly worth something.

Because Father Panda was an idealist and not the worldliest person, he had limited ability to help the Panda Bear get ahead in the world.

The Panda Bear is a humble office worker.   Even though she is considered to be a smart person, she feels at times people in higher positions talk down to her.   The Panda Bear could not help but mention to her coworkers and superiors about Father Panda's superior scientific achievements.    Let us seen if anyone can treat the Panda Bear as though she stupid now!!!

The Panda Bear when things quiet down needs to rethink her future.    She is tired of people not treating her with respect.   She feels she should go into business for herself but she has no idea what she could do besides word processing.

The point, dear reader, of this post is not to bore the reader with the Panda Bear's problems.   It is more to show that the Panda Bear does not think of the office has being a meritocracy.   People valued for the perceived position on the office hierarchy rather than an intrinsic value.

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