Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Panda Bear on Beauty, Yoga and Office Politics

As readers of the Panda Bear Blog know that the Panda Bear's daytime career is stalled.    She works full-time in a daytime office position.    She has been in her present position for seven years with excellent evaluations but still sees no possibility for chances of promotion.

To get her mind off her distressing lack of promotion, the Panda Bear has devoted herself in what little free time she has to art and spirituality.   She tells herself what is worldly success compared to such higher pursuits of philosophy, beauty and truth.    The Panda Bear felt inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert's book Eat, Pray, Love.    The Panda Bear felt especially moved by the book's section on Italy where Elizabeth Gilbert eats good Italian food.

In her homage to great art, The Panda Bear has decided to create a wall of beauty in her office.   The Panda Bear's office recently moved.   The new office while nice in terms of workspace is very utilitarian and there is nothing pleasant for the workers to look at while they work.    The Panda Bear used to read books written in the nineteen twenties about businesspeople/bourgeois being anti-art/anti aesthetic.   Until she moved to her new office the Panda Bear did not see this side of administration/business but now she does.   She and another office worker are putting plants on the on an unused office shelf on the wall with the idea of putting something in the office that is esthetically appealing for the workers to look at during the day.   The Panda Bear has gotten somewhat ambitious for the shelf and wants to make look extremely visually appealing and make it a showpiece for the office.

In terms of spirituality, the Panda Bear went to a luncheon event at work today which discussed Yoga.   The Panda Bear knows a little bit about Yoga.   She left the workshop ready to improve her soul but had to deal with mundane paperwork when she came back to her desk   She had fantasies about going to a local yoga retreat for a week; she was a little scared of India even in fantasy.   However, a Facebook friend told her India was an awesome and inspiring place.   Therefore, the Panda Bear switched her fantasy destination to India.

However, office politics pulled the Panda Bear out of her dreams of going to Italy and India.   It has been more and more clear that to the Panda Bear that her division and another division in her office were having an office feud.   Before her office moved, there were rumors that the other section wanted nothing to do with the Panda Bear's office section but the Panda Bear did not personally experience this division. However, in the new smaller office it  became clear there was a split the Panda Bear's section and the other office section.  This afternoon in the office kitchen she was hearing of events in the other section to which members of her section which were not invited.

As far was the Panda Bear is concerned it is the other section's loss that it does not want to interact with her section.   The Panda Bear will keep to her section's side to the office.   However, the Panda Bear will tactfully and subtly let the other section know how great their loss of the Panda Bear is to them and that there is no reason for them to snub the Panda Bear.   

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