Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Panda Bear on Bad Habbits Hiding Sad Feelings

The Panda Bear wants to say she enjoys her cat Suzie.   Suzie is the Panda Bear's first "companion" pet(i.e dog or cat).  Growing up the Panda Bear had pet mice, rabbits and turtles.   By companion pet, the Panda Bear is referring to a pet that has a unique personality and can form a relationship with a human.   The Panda Bear as never had anyone purr, meow, jump on chairs, run super fast, jump on the bed and rub noses with her when the Panda Bear comes home.   It is real treat to have Suzie sit on the Panda Bear's lap and purr and knead(it is believed cats do this when they are happy).    The Panda Bear and Suzie play games where the Panda Bear gets Suzie to swat different objects.
However, recently the Panda Bear's health habits have been terrible.   She has never drunk so much coffee, ate so much junk food or exercised so little.   Granted the Panda Bear has been very busy but the Panda Bear felt her health habits have gotten unusually bad.   As the Panda Bear resolved to go back to her better habits, the Panda Bear become that she was feeling blue though she does not know why she feels so down.  

Then the Panda Bear had the realization that this is what many experts believe; badf habbits can be a way of masking or dealing with unacceptable/painful/emotions.   The problem is that these bad habbits don't in the long run help things but they make things worse. 


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